October Screening

October Screening 

Pulpa by Nina Corti

Pulpa is an exploration about the pornographic exhibition of intimacy in digital media. Juicy inner exploration of the inner forests and oceans. An erotic-gastronomic-visual experience.

Nina Corti is an interdisciplinary artist from Buenos Aires Argentina. Her work includes sound art, photography, installations and video. She’s drawn to a collage way of approaching things that involves an ethnographer practice of documenting and collecting elements to find new and unexpected connections resulting in non-linear narratives (hyperlinks, loops and rhizomatic structures). Butoh hacker, lover of bardo concept and militant of the sudaca feeling, She presented her works and sound performances in Flux Factory – New York -, Agora Collective – Berlin -, Cafe Oto – London, A3 Gallery – Moscu. She believes that movement and wandering along limits (geographical, political, social, temporal, etc.) are essential for her artistic practice so at the time she’s traveling full time around Europe.

Nina’s Youtube



September Screening

Counter-Charge by Alex Hovet

In the 1989 adult-oriented computer series, Leisure Suit Larry wanders the jungle of a colonized village searching for love, which he finds, after a multitude of failed romantic interactions, with Passionate Patti, a perfect and unattainable woman. In an act of cathexis, Larry’s energies concentrate on Patti in a complex of libido, love, and gender expression that leads Larry/Patti on an investigation of duality. Performed by an ASMR reader, bell hooks’ meditations on love attempt to guide them, but are rejected and re-purposed by the game’s instinct. Blocked by his own ego and the constructs of the game in which he wanders, Larry’s desires are continually repressed.

Alex Hovet is a visual artist based in New York City. Her work in video has been included in exhibitions and screenings nationally and internationally, including the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, the Berlin Experimental Film Festival, the Sweet ‘Art Gallery in London, and Nieuwe Vide Gallery in the Netherlands. She holds an MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and a BA from Bennington College in Vermont.


July Screening

July Screening

CQ Tokyo- Diego Barrera

“Rain Maker
Water Magician
Dew * Secret fire of the alchemist
Creation of the schizophrenic God
Sacrifice * Continuity portal * Continuity through death
Destabilize Male / Female
“Je est un autre” Arthur Rimbaud
Break the fixed identities
Indistinction * confusion
Categories = monetarization
“Recognition of ones body is always misrecognition, always giving a false impresión of unity to something that is essentially fragmented or desunified” Jacques Lacan ”

Diego Barrera

Filmmaker, Art Director and Teacher, focused on the music video world, one of the latest work for the song “The Sun of the Natural World is Pure Fire” from the second album in collaboration with Jim Jarmusch {as musician} and Jozef Van Wissem, mixing the idea of the personification of wounds, the symbolism of water, the elements, the myth of Hermaphroditus. Presented at MoMA in New York, supported by “Pitchfork Magazine” and “Sacred Bones Records”. In the year 2016 he directed “Into the Night” video of the anticipated album of the Noise-pop band Xiu Xiu, reinterpreting the soundtrack of Twin Peaks, Julee Cruise / Angelo Badalamenti’s cover, written by David Lynch, which became part of the cover for Cahiers du Cinema. Creator of the Celestial Festival, with Genesis P-Orridge for the first time in Latin America as the special guest, exploring new ways of understanding Gender and experimental art. In his work certain recurring themes loom like figurative metamorphosis of his characters, androgynization rites supporting a political speech in favor of feminism, understood as a struggle against the social conditioning, looking for the rupture with raised standards on gender, in comunion with the alchemical weddings, as well as the development of a spiritual journey in which the symbols embody the subconscious. Develops in almost sculptural scenary away from the classic aesthetics. His language is more influenced by the various branches of avant-garde art {sculpture, painting, literature} as Surrealism, Dada, Art Nouveau and Symbolism, etc. than the film academicism.

Diego’s Youtube

June Screening

SOCK NECK – Hannah Hiaasen and Sara Sowell

SOCK NECK is one out of a series of monotone-monochromed informercials for articles of clothing designed to assist in alleviating pent up desires of human contact.

Hannah Hiaasen is an interdisciplinary artist in Brooklyn, NY who works between textiles and performance. Sara Sowell is a video artist in Brooklyn, NY. They met while earning BFAs from Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore finishing in 2014.

Hannah Hiassen’s website

Sara Sowell’s website


May Screening

May Screening



The Log by Antonia Luxem

“I open my eyes and I have an experience that I describe as a red tomato a meter away. As a result, I come to believe that in reality, there’s a red tomato a meter away. I then close my eyes, and my experience changes to a grey field, but is it still the case that in reality, there’s a red tomato a meter away? I think so, but could I be wrong? Could I be misinterpreting the nature of my perceptions?” (David Hoffman) Do we experience the real world, and could the content of perceptual experiences ever be misinterpreted? The filmmaker mistook a broken glass bottle for a log over a period of several weeks. Realising the interpretational error of her brain, she became aware that reality had been falsely depicted. It showed that perceptions may not be directly related to objects in the real world – whereas vision seems real, this may simply be a human illusion.

Antonia Luxem creates abstract videos, documentaries and paintings. Her documentary work explores current social and environmental issues, which are the focus of her debut film Perceptions on Chaos: Hackney, selected for the East End Film Festival 2017. Her most recent video work is an intimate investigation into human visual and temporal perception. Recently, Antonia co-founded ANTIKO, an online platform documenting the architecture of London’s East End through photography and video, as well as lastnightwolves, a virtual gallery which seeks to make sense of the everyday through written and visual mediums.


April Screening

April Screening

Movement- Sonia Li

Movement is inspired by my personal transformation through dance and a spiritual event of meeting my true self. Dance is a language which encourages the brain to spark new cells, interconnecting to form new neuro pathways. The plasticity of the brain constantly adapts to the physical changes in the body, impacting perception, comprehension and memory. I make these visuals after dance sessions to directly tap into the energy of the mind-body connection, reflecting the organic shifts and changes. As my body learns to perform complex movements, the visuals evolve with these physical changes. Additionally, I listen to Solfeggio frequency, healing sounds to explore the mind’s capacity for spirituality. As a result, these experimental images have scintillating colors, dynamic movements and speeds. The circular motions echo my natural movement inclination and the mandala, Buddhist spiritual symbol. They channel my artistic intuition through scientific research in neurology and psychology, maintaining visual tension, difference and interest to the brain. These images are a part of an immersive sensory experience generated by dancers.

Sonia Li is a visual artist and dancer in Brooklyn, NY. She works with dance, video, sound and sensory elements to create immersive installations hinging on personal transformations. Her work culminates emotional and visceral experiences that build upon the power of art to inspire spiritual awakening. She is currently training in contemporary dance.

Li’s work has been shown at the MADATAC New Media Festival, Art-O-Mat at Whitney Museum of Art, NYC Resistor, Disorient Burning Man’s Country Club Festival, La Sala Performance Space, Tisch School of Arts. She has performed with Pianist Katya Mihailova at Opera America, Leimay Garden Piece and Lisa Park’s Heart Sync at the New Museum. Awards and honors include NYU Stern Entrepreneur Challenge Semi-finalist, INSTINT Festival Artist Fellow, EYEO Festival Artist Fellow and Chen Yung Memorial Full Scholarship. She holds a Masters in Interaction Design from ITP/Tisch NYU, and a BFA in Installation Art from SUNY Purchase.


Sonia’s Website

March Screening

March Screening: 2 super shorts

These Boots Are Made for Walkin’- Eden Mitsenmacher & Rebecca Tritschler

These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ poses a showy, theatrical quandary. As this is a particularly pertinent moment to examine the song in relation to it’s sexual politics and use as a protest song (These Boots are Made for Marching). A collaboration between Eden Mitsenmacher and Rebecca Tritschler undermines the idea of the archetypal “feisty woman scorned” protagonist with wit and pulsating udder-like toes.

Eden Mitsenmacher 

Born 1987 in the USA; works in Rotterdam and Tel Aviv.
Combines performance, video and installation to take a critical yet engaging view of social, political and cultural issues. Holds a BFA from Goldsmiths College University of London and an MFA from the Dutch Art Institute. Has participated in several exhibitions world wide, including; the Van Abbe Museum in the Netherlands, Arebyte Gallery London, ANILOGUE, Animation Festival Budapest, Internationales KurzFilmFestival Hamburg Germany, Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles and many more.

Eden’s Website


 Cyborgrl- Isabelle Marshall & Tiana Marsch

Cyborgrl emulates digital aesthetics with analog means prompting us to inquire into their absurdity and strangeness. The protagonist moves between a corporeal and digital realm, mutating and transforming.

Isabelle Marshall works primarily as an animator and paper cutter. A recent graduate of Bard College Art Department, her most recent works for her thesis are a series of large light boxes with paper cutouts. Tiana Marsh is a sculptor and animator, and student at Bard College.

Isabelle’s Vimeo

Yarn Mountain


Collaborative video- Kolbe Roper, Roman Udalov, Toban Nichols

Toban Nichols’ statement about the work:
The video represents a metaphorical depiction of an unraveling relationship. But also acts as a comedic sidebar with badly written and flatly spoken porn lines standing in for actual communication while doing mundane domestic tasks.

Layers of the relationship are displayed by monotone speech and “going through the motions” on the surface, with bubbling emotions, wants, and needs, underneath. Both build up to the piece’s off-screen climax that is left to the viewer’s imagination. A question remains- what happened next?

The piece is interspersed with moments of evaluation, contemplation, & rest in between the domestic scenes. These act as memories or meditations on the underlying tension. In the last scene, the back and forth conversation becomes intense and repetitive, building to a magical, mysterious climax. The final scene presents each individual bringing their own wishes and desires to the literal and figurative table, but it seems, like two opposing magnets, the two don’t match up, they are incompatible.

Kolbe Roper’s statement about the work:
Creating Yarn Mountain, was for myself, based in how a relationship becomes solace and banal. This film is a piece of a larger conversation on interaction and intimacy between gay men. What you see and expect can become common and thus lose the erotic euphoria of personal connection. How do gay men operate as a presentation to the community and how do they operate in the privacy of their home? How do couples stay together and how does intimacy develop or become common place in the structure of the relationship, running through the motions. I feel this video begins a conversation on the ending of a relationship, what keeps them together and why?

Roman Udalov’s statement about the work:
My goal, as the director and collaborator was to capture the domestic situation, the vibrancy of the house and the elements that make up a home. Even though the home is now more of a shell these two dwell in, rather than a loving place they share, I wanted to capture the scenario of intertwined lives being led, but also making clear that while this was the home of people in love, it’s now a shell of monotony. The lovely burial ground of a dead relationship full of avoidance, a disconnected juxtaposition of color and light w/ bored, non-emotional communication, not making real connections, only verbal intonations and separate lives. I wanted to show the broken relationship, the deterioration, the disuse. I felt it was of significant importance that only the mouths and other fragments were shown at the end, like that’s all that’s left. No physical connection, two islands drowning with no lifeline.

Toban Nichols’ Biography

Toban Nichols, is a visual artist from Los Angeles. His work has been seen in film festivals & galleries around LA, in Romania, Israel, & the Netherlands. He was also featured in Pop Rally at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

After earning a Bachelors degree in painting, he studied New Media at the San Francisco Art Institute in California where he recieved an MFA in New Genres. He has been granted a residency with the Experimental Television Center in New York, and awarded the Juror’s Pick at the ArtHouse Film Festival for his video entitled “BATTLESTATIONS!!

In the past five years Nichols launched a line of textiles, created a photo app for iDevices worldwide and published his first photo book titled ‘MY TWIN’.

His work can be seen at

Strangers Cowboys

STRANGER chops up COWBOY in the woods. STRANGERS COWBOYS is a collection of COWBOY’s components. Set together they formed into the shape of an operatic visual album. STRANGER doesn’t understand why. STRANGER isn’t “like” this.

STRANGERS COWBOYS, is act II, III and IV of a morality opera. The opera is a package containing a book, a pack of unfulfilling cigarettes and an unusable lighter. It can only be ordered by calling HOTLINE FOR THE LOST at +1 (866) 235-0682.

Emily Sasmor aims to create images that divide themselves perfectly. These images are systems that deem all information as provisional – that all things must be reexamined to get to their reality. To create these structures, she makes work that attempts to understand and navigate the suffering, despair, and violence created from superficial systems of control and possession. This probing becomes art adorned in caricature. The videos, video installations, objects, and writing she makes are pastiches of largely appropriated imagery, sound, and text that mimic the experience of listening to pop music. Using the caricatures, of intimacy, desire, and violence, found in this music she builds narrative. Through them she presents tumultuous relationships that speak to systemic problems.

Emily Sasmor was born in La Jolla, California, in 1993. She received her BFA in Sculpture from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, and a Master of Fine Arts in Film, Video, New Media, and Animation from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has appeared in various group shows, festivals, and screenings including Supernova: Outdoor Festival of Digital Animation and Art, and 2nd Floor Rear 2017: RITUAL

Emily’s Website

Emily’s Vimeo