Strangers Cowboys

STRANGER chops up COWBOY in the woods. STRANGERS COWBOYS is a collection of COWBOY’s components. Set together they formed into the shape of an operatic visual album. STRANGER doesn’t understand why. STRANGER isn’t “like” this.

STRANGERS COWBOYS, is act II, III and IV of a morality opera. The opera is a package containing a book, a pack of unfulfilling cigarettes and an unusable lighter. It can only be ordered by calling HOTLINE FOR THE LOST at +1 (866) 235-0682.

Emily Sasmor aims to create images that divide themselves perfectly. These images are systems that deem all information as provisional – that all things must be reexamined to get to their reality. To create these structures, she makes work that attempts to understand and navigate the suffering, despair, and violence created from superficial systems of control and possession. This probing becomes art adorned in caricature. The videos, video installations, objects, and writing she makes are pastiches of largely appropriated imagery, sound, and text that mimic the experience of listening to pop music. Using the caricatures, of intimacy, desire, and violence, found in this music she builds narrative. Through them she presents tumultuous relationships that speak to systemic problems.

Emily Sasmor was born in La Jolla, California, in 1993. She received her BFA in Sculpture from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, and a Master of Fine Arts in Film, Video, New Media, and Animation from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has appeared in various group shows, festivals, and screenings including Supernova: Outdoor Festival of Digital Animation and Art, and 2nd Floor Rear 2017: RITUAL

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Like It

LIKE IT is a short film reminiscent of another era. It was written, shot and edited on an impulse – three days. Starring the French singer Douce Angoisse, it is the melancholy journey from the suburbs to the city of a woman full of doubts.

It rains.

Jenny Cartwright has been involved with documentary film production since 2001. Based in Montreal, she has worked on projects shot around the globe. Her experiences abroad show through her sensible though incisive work. She produces, writes, directs, edits and distributes herself. Her involvement with social and cultural community groups has made her used to accomplishing great endeavours with limited resources. This is also true when it comes to shooting films: she always keeps a critical eye upon society, and her DIY philosophy gives her work a distinctively punk spirit.

Her work can be found at

Greetings from Here: Audio Postcards in Transition

Greetings From Here: Audio Postcards in Transition is an intentionally lo-fi epistolary record by text-sound artist Pauline Gloss that explores her relationship to trans-identity, mental illness, heartbreak, and a new city. Each card, nine in total, is addressed to an individual, named correspondent. Following the completion of the record, friend and collaborator, Nicolas Bermeo went back to create a visual component to compliment Gloss’s  visceral and intimate personal geography in time.

Pauline Gloss is a writer and literary sound-artist based in Los Angeles working in dialogue with the Text-Sound tradition. Her language-sound work attempts to dramatize and expand language in its timbral, rhythmic, textural, and meaning-making dimensions. Her current body of work is concerned with using highly reduced language to develop larger emotional and conceptual architectures whose stability is always in question.

Pauline runs Spoken Records, a label specializing in the release of work in the Text-Sound tradition. She has been written about favorably in art and music publications and has performed or had work shown at institutions including MoCA Geffen, Cal Arts, Poetic Research Bureau and Molasses Books.

Nicolas Bermeo is an artist currently living in Los Angeles, California. He is the founder of both Like • Magazine and Like • Movie Night and has shown at 315 Gallery, The Echo Park Film Center, The Squeaky Wheel, The Queer Arts Festival and The Hyde Park Art Center.