April 2019

April Screening

Scene by Eloise Sherrid

“Scene” is an exploration of trust, intimacy and laughter through rope bondage. The film describes a power exchange outside of cis and straight expectations; instead of catering to the audience’s gaze, the film centers the sensations and stream-of-consciousness of the participants. The film also questions the implications of introducing a camera to the scene, wondering whether the act of recording is inherently voyeuristic, or if the same principles of consent negotiated in the scene can also be applied to the filmmaker and viewer.


Eloise Sherrid is an NYC based filmmaker, multimedia artist and educator. Her work explores the intersection, mechanics, and deconstruction of power, politics and narrative. Her short viral documentary “The Room of Silence,” examined racial marginalization in art schools, and has screened at universities and conferences all over the world, including SAIC, MICA, and MassArt. She has been featured by DRØME Magazine, Bad at Sports, the Anthology Film Archives, and the Rhode Island International Film Festival. She works as a freelance cinematographer and teaching artist, and holds a BFA from RISD.




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