February 2019

February Screening

Them (or Things My Ex-Boyfriends Have Actually Said To Me) By Jamie Janković

The non-linear narrative of this experimental ‘docudrama’ follows the filmmaker (Jamie) performing a re-enactment of their time in an abusive relationship, viewed from the POV of their abuser, friends and loved ones. Each of these characters view a different construction of Jamie: Jamie as a sex object, Jamie pretending to be in a happy relationship, and Jamie verbally, physically and mentally affected by the abuser and events of the relationship. The film shifts the visual focus away from the abuser and focuses on the victim for the entire duration of the film, allowing the audience to directly observe the ramifications and effects of abuse.

Jamie Janković is a trans artist filmmaker born in Plymouth, England in 1995, now living in London and currently enrolled on the Experimental Film MA at Kingston University. They graduated from Kingston University in 2017 with a BA in Media & Communication and Sociology and for this reason their research interests focus on interrogating various social issues, specifically examining: social constructs, representation in media, gender performance and stereotypes, visual culture and the relationship between the authentic and constructed self. Their practice revolves around presenting their findings as an experimental audio-visual experience, acting as an educational yet accessible and engaging alternative to essay writing and academia, with the primary aim of raising awareness of the under or misrepresented.

Jamie’s Vimeo



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