October Screening

October Screening 

Pulpa by Nina Corti

Pulpa is an exploration about the pornographic exhibition of intimacy in digital media. Juicy inner exploration of the inner forests and oceans. An erotic-gastronomic-visual experience.

Nina Corti is an interdisciplinary artist from Buenos Aires Argentina. Her work includes sound art, photography, installations and video. She’s drawn to a collage way of approaching things that involves an ethnographer practice of documenting and collecting elements to find new and unexpected connections resulting in non-linear narratives (hyperlinks, loops and rhizomatic structures). Butoh hacker, lover of bardo concept and militant of the sudaca feeling, She presented her works and sound performances in Flux Factory – New York -, Agora Collective – Berlin -, Cafe Oto – London, A3 Gallery – Moscu. She believes that movement and wandering along limits (geographical, political, social, temporal, etc.) are essential for her artistic practice so at the time she’s traveling full time around Europe.

Nina’s Youtube


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